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The perfect period product exists
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About Us

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Let's face it, most period products suck. Sure they do the job, but when it really comes down to it, it’s tough to find the perfect product that checks all of our boxes.


What do we mean by that? Well, we are all well aware of the massive amounts of waste produced by pads and tampons (estimated between 5,000 - 15,000 products in a lifetime) and the fact that the lifetime cost of pads and tampons can be upwards of $6000. We think that is absolutely preposterous for products that have largely had no innovation in the last 100 years.


Beyond that, all of our flows are so different. We know how frustrating it can be for people with light flows who struggle to find light flow products and our heavy flow pals who burn through copious amounts of pads and tampons per period. And to top it off, the products themselves aren’t always super comfortable.


At Dahlia, we are committed to changing that. We believe that ALL people who menstruate of all ages deserve to have a product that is comfortable, cost-friendly, environmentally friendly and most of all, compatible for your unique body. That is why we are focused on designing a period product that is built by the users for the users. A product that is designed to touch on all the things that matter and return the power and control of your menstrual health to you.

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About us
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Our Product

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Our goal is to design a product that capitalizes on all the benefits of disposable period products like tampons, but with added benefits of reusable products like menstrual cups.

When looking at the complete landscape of menstrual products, we found that menstrual cups offered unique value, in that they were useful for people of a variety of flows, they are a sustainable product, save you lots of money over a lifetime and when placed correctly, can be quite comfortable. 

However, when we spoke to non-cup users, many had apprehensions about insertion, removal and cleaning. Our product in development looks to capitalize on all the benefits of menstrual cups and tampons while addressing many of the cons.

That said, our goal is to build a product by the people for the people and we want to hear from you about what you would like to see from a menstrual product if you were given an opportunity to change things.

What would you change about your menstrual products?

Our Product
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Our Mission

We are committed to listening and learning from the concerns of women and people who menstruate to develop the best menstrual products and design compatible solutions that fit the needs and wants of our users, with the goal of giving power back to our users.


See how you can shape your menstrual future!

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Our mission
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